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  A community of artists and creatives dedicated to the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence.

How membership with sai works

The Society for Artistic Integrity is a membership group made up of a global community comprised of artists, writers, performers, musicians, and those related to a variety of creative industries that are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity in the arts.  We believe that by openly declaring the use or non-use of AI in our work, we build trust with our audience, collectors and consumers while creating a space where art and technology can harmoniously coexist.

After watching the Guidelines Video, committing to the Code of Ethics, and completing the membership application, you become a SAI Certified member!  You will have immediate use of your SAI Membership Medallion, your SAI Seals, as well as access to all the member benefits listed on the Join Us page.

As a SAI Certified Member, you will receive a special member number that goes on your SAI Membership Medallion, SAI Certified Seals and is searchable in our Directory.  Your Seals are used to designate which category your work fits in to, and the Membership Medallion is the logo you use to show your membership with SAI. 

SAI Certified Seals

SAI Membership Medallion

The Society for Artistic Integrity is the first resource to establish a standard for honest creation in a world with AI. Our vision is to bridge communication between the artist and the consumer about the use of AI to ensure authenticity of works created. Please join our growing membership to become SAI Certified!


Society for Artistic Integrity

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